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3D Costumes
August, 2021
Created with Marvelous Designer, Daz 3D, Mixamo and C4D
July, 2021
A Kollaboration between the finnish theatergroup 'Avanto Ensemble' and the Theatershool in Kalkwerk
April, 2021
Studies on the behavior of digital bodies and textile simulation. (Marvelous Designer / Mixamo / Fuse)
Mad Songs
August, 2020
“Mad Songs” is a music Theater, that was showcased in the margins of the 'Festival für Alte Musik Knechsteden'.
July, 2020
“A baroque ceiling painting” film installation for the opera “Acis and Galatea” by G.F. Handel, a production that took place in the Naxoshalle Frankfurt
Acis und Galatea
July, 2020
A Baroque performance. A dramatization by G.F. Handel that took place in the Lower Orangery in Schloss Waldburg.
August, 2019
Photoshooting for the profiles of the Dancers of the Ensemble.
Audition for a Demonstration
November, 2019
In November 1989, important demonstrations took place on Alexanderplatz, including the one on November 4th - organized by actors and artists. But how do we represent great historical moments like the uprising of a people, the collapse of a government or the opening of borders? 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we invite people to a durational performance in order to remember their personal stories and to act out collective moments in order to turn a political action into an artistic one again. The results of the performance will then be presented in an installation that can be seen in 'Haus der Statistik' in the margings of the 4th 'Berliner Herbstsalon Festival'.
July, 2019
(Assistenz) Futureland is a science fiction documentary theater play directed from Lola Arias
February, 2018
A production by Rimini Protokol and Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin
KI Stone
September, 2021
weltraum | cyberpunk | revolution
Narcissus Obsoletus
July, 2018
Ein stück des NIE Kollektivs Regie: Niels Willberg
Deutschland Ohne Herbst
September, 2018
Based on texts by Nikolai Wassiljewitsch Gogol ‘The Dead Souls’, José Saramago ‘The city of the sighted’ and Federico Fellini Amarcord ’ The storm is raging, maybe that's another cry of the world. Meanwhile, greed is being negotiated in a narrow, black room. This search for order, advancement and emotion. In the end, the identities blur into a mélange of a kind of hope. These three aspects of greed can be found in a montage of three different texts. At Gogol, the namesake Tschitschikow fights for the dead souls. It is the attempt of the ascent of a little man who knows how to prepare aspects in order to be effective. The dead soul has only got rid of it because it thinks history is behind it. In Saramago, greed for the victory of order is an evil, satirical tale. The social order will be bigger than the storm, so the hope. Which is not fulfilled in this piece. Then there is the third element there is emotion. Here in her hysterical version of Fellini's, from the film "Amarcord". In its form, it is an alternative to stepping out of the same patterns that one puts on in the negotiations that life evokes. It is a kind of purification process that increases to an emotional excess, in which the planned suicide is played like a rubber ball. What remains is an implosion, after which the five Chichikovs unexpectedly reappear in their black room. Only one certainty remains after all these efforts: “And the waiting, the inevitable waiting began.” A waiting for a new surge of greed. Because that urge is a constant drive for any form of work at the time. The dead know about it.
December, 2018
March, 2019
Projection Paranoia Schwein
March, 2018
A play by D. Chertkov, written by I. Ryvkin after Peter Weiss, ‘The persecution and murder of Jean Paul Marat’ portrayed by the acting group of the Charenton hospice under the guidance of Mr. de Sade for the project 'Deutschland Ohne Herbst' from 'NIE Kollektiv'
August, 2018
The setting: a battlefield. The forest of poets, green and full, was kindled. There are no more than a few stumps left; they form the rest of the dead landscape. The director roams restlessly through this desert, furious, looking for something or someone. Looking for the exit. Looking for more. He wants to exceed the limits, tear out the spokes of everyday life at full speed. A revolution in the culture industry is imminent. That's his vision. The scorched earth beneath him. Smoky, foggy look. There they come, the extras, the producers, the onlookers, begin to bathe the rotting meat. Greedily scratching, tearing at the last piece. On the stunted remains in the ashes. After the fire. Nothing remains but a hologram, they are consumed by the echo of the past. Mangled by meaningless contexts, their bodies floating in it. Feasting on their masked cloaks, driven by their greed for more. The call of the shining gold. A dazzling farce. And the director in the middle of it all. That is his milieu.
No Subject
October, 2017
A Fashion Film created for the fashion designer Yancey Chen
March, 2016
A portrait
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